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Every child deserves a lifelong family.

Yet the kids who hurt the most — those suffering from childhood trauma — get lost in the foster care system or raised in institutions.

So they miss the opportunity for family altogether,
drastically increasing their chances for:


Psychological Impairment

Economic Non-productivity

But there is hope.

We're a Colorado-based non-profit that keeps kids in healthy adoptive families. We've done so since 1972.

Families strengthening families works.

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It’s time for


We connect advocates for kids, families, and healthy communities-foster parents, adoptive parents, clinicians, teachers and other caring citizens.


Together, we can fix the broken system, get adoptive families what they need, and heal hurting kids.


When more families strengthen families, more kids heal.

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There's a lot of change needed to heal kids and the system. But there's also a lot of you ready to roll up your sleeves. We're your biggest fans.

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A Story of Hope

As a summer intern, 23-year-old Alex Baalman had his hands full. To work with kids struggling from the effects of early abuse and neglect at the Institute for Attachment and Child Development (IACD) isn’t easy.

But Alex has a unique understanding of the kids—different from any of the staff at IACD. After all, Alex went through the IACD program as a child himself 13 years ago.

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